A Will And A Brick

I had to dodge a cop throwing a dude into a wall while his partner had his tazer drawn and pointed at the dude. The hell?

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Transition happens at 2:54… the songs are supposed to be different/contrast but still work together.

The white whiskeys I had tonight were surprisingly good. They were all based on different cereals: barley, wheat and millet

Trying to do something simple, but outside the standard iDVD workflow. It’s fighting every step along the way.

Man, oh man, Brendan Haywood. And man, oh MAN, Kevin Durant. The official play-by-play should list the reason for the post-hammering technical foul that Durant picked up as…

This phone-camera image has been floating around, and people seem very upset about the fact that the Muppets’ feet are visible. This is apparently a no-no in Muppet World, though Vulture is having a…

Man… the 90s rules: http://youtu.be/9OrxqVWTpIU


Supercut of the Day: A compilation of clips featuring Community’s Troy Barnes (Donald Glover) crying his brains out.

Reminder: The second season wraps up tonight with “For a Few Paintballs More.” (Crossover Alert: Cougar Town’s Busy Phillips and Dan Byrd make a brief appearance.)


Bring on season 3!